Hotmail custom From addresses, unknown mobile workaround

For completeness, I researched how to configure Hotmail to use custom From addresses. Hotmail's implementation has gaps that make it the least desirable of the three email services I reviewed so far (Gmail and Yahoo Mail being the other two).

Mobile Yahoo mail custom "From" addresses

Previously, I posted a workaround for using Gmail's custom "From" feature in nonstandard views. Here I discuss setting up and using Yahoo Mail's custom "From" feature.

Mobile, nonstandard Gmail custom "From" addresses

If you use Gmail, you may be familiar with its custom "From" feature. This feature lets you use your Gmail account to originate mail with an alternate From address, say a business address.

This is great when composing mail on your desktop, but I found this feature is not directly available in "basic HTML", "mobile web", or from the Android client. Here is a workaround I discovered.

Perpetual connectivity

At a recent Uniforum after-meeting, one of the topics was platform independent, lightweight computing. I commented that since I got an Android phone (HTC Hero), I found myself using it increasingly more than my laptop for certain tasks. These "lightweight" tasks involved email, checking weather, managing to-do lists, taking notes, etc.

The discussion had moved onto other topics by this time, but I continued thinking about the ramifications of perpetually connected smart devices.


HP laptop surgery – it lives!

Part 3 in the continuing saga of the broken trackpad button.

Thanks to my friends Phillips the screwdriver, a very well written and illustrated HP service manual, outstanding HP design, and my HTC Hero phone (serving as camera), I succeeded in near total disassembly, replacing the top cover, and restoring my laptop to working order. Total surgical time: 1h 40m. I didn't lose any blood or otherwise injury myself, and ended the procedure with no extra screws, wires, or other parts.


Renewed faith in HP, CompUSA, and Best Buy

My HP laptop's broken trackpad button story continues....

HP's escalated support department and Best Buy's Geek Squad have renewed my faith in both companies.


Multifunction mobile devices (MMD, not to be confused with WMD?)

The recent iPad hype in the news and this flowchart got me thinking about multifunction mobile devices. I saw a TV news story that questioned the need for an iPad when one already has a laptop, mobile phone, digital camera, mp3 player, etc. That's a lot of devices to carry around, but a smartphone combines several of those, lightening the load significantly. I am a recent smartphone supporter, both in concept and device.


Broken HP trackpad button may result in data loss

I have an in-warranty HP laptop whose left trackpad button broke today. I contacted support for repair options and they require me to send in my laptop. Estimated turnaround time is 7-9 business days! It gets worse.


Recent ATT DSL outage – mixed reviews

Dialtone went out on Mar 19, 2010. While ATT gets credit for rapid repair once I found the right channel to contact, their followup procedures and internal miscommunications need major work.


dizzying selection of customization options

My first foray into blogging and I spend two hours perusing all the customization options Blogger offers. I did have some meaningful things to say, but now I'm too tired.